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Ask Lex: Do Fashion Trends Matter?

Reader: It seems like everything is in style lately. Do fashion trends actually matter anymore?

From a blogger perspective I can’t in good conscious tell you no because that would be me telling you that what I do doesn’t matter. That being said, telling you about trends and how to wear them. So yes, I whole heartedly believe that trends are important.

The imperative thing is to see them as more of a loose guide and not the end all be all. Personal style is 1000 times more important than trends are any day. A true fashionista is someone who can take a trend and interweave it into her personal style. This also means leaving the trends that go against your personal style alone.

Know which trends matter

You’re right that it can feel like everything is in style. In a way, everything is. Every era is making a comeback. Anything goes with skirt/dress length. It’s a complete free for all with jean fit. That being said, there are trends that stick out every season that hit across the board. It’s important to pinpoint the trends that stand out from the rest. Those are the ones that you should focus on and try to hit.

Stay true to yourself

Being called “trendy” is not a compliment because nine times out of ten, you appear unauthentic. If you’re in the pinball machine bouncing from trend to trend, then how can we really gauge who you are? The best personal style stands the test of time. A super trendy way of dressing certainly will not do that.

Remember that trends are a challenge

Trends are the shake up that keep things fresh in your wardrobe. They are the way to get you out of a style rut. Usually, it’s taking an established concept and putting a new spin on it. It doesn’t always necessarily mean you need to shop. The best trends are the one that you can hop on simply by remixing your wardrobe. See it as a challenge to add some new perspective to your day-to-day looks.

Trends do matter. They are what keeps the fashion world spinning. Without the influx of new trends, personal style would become stagnant and uninspired. It’s just important to keep the balance between trend and style.

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