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4 Ways to Get Out of a Beauty Rut

Even when you feel like you are a master of beauty, you get a a little bored sometimes. It could be doing the same hairstyle, following identical makeup steps everyday, or simply sticking in a similar color family with your nail color.

I personally have had points where I have done a full face in such autopilot mode that once I got to the last step (highlighter) I’m like how did I get here? Even though I love beauty, it is much easier to stick to a formula. Sometimes you need to shake things up though. When I get to this point I do the below.

Experiment with a new style

When you start going through the motions with your beauty routine, sometimes you need a jolt to the system. Try a new makeup technique. Dye your hair a different color. Play with length with either a haircut for shorter hair or extensions for longer hair. Do something temporary like fake nails or a wig if you need a change, but don’t want to commit for too long. Spice it up a bit to take yourself out of the boredom.

Pro Tip: YouTube is the holy grail for inspiration. Go there and take a deep dive. Just don’t do anything like cutting or dying your hair on your own! Like those Pinterest desserts you tried to make, it never looks like the video.

Bring back something you stopped doing

For YEARS I wore eyeliner on my lower lash line. I’m talking all through middle school, high school, college, and my early 20s. One day, for whatever reason, I just decided not to do it and from that day forward I just stopped. Recently, again for no particular reason at all, I decided to grab some eyeliner from the drug store. Re-adding this to my routine was a small change that completely changed my eye looks. So add an oldie, but goodie to your beauty routine. It’s perfect because you know it works.

Treat yourself to some self care

You know what’s better than updating your beauty routine? Having someone else do it for you! So, go get a blowout. Spend a couple hours at the nail salon getting a manicure and pedicure. Splurge on a facial (or do an at home mask) so that your skin pops before your makeup routine starts. Maintenance is one of the most important part of a beauty routine. Lack thereof can lead to a beauty rut.

Do less

Sometimes the best way to get out of beauty rut is to do less. Go fresh faced. Skip straightening your hair for a day and wear it in its natural state. Swap out the bold nail color for something neutral. Less is more can be the update you never knew you needed!

How do you break out of a beauty rut?

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