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What to Wear During Winter Weekends

Cheers to the freakin’ weekend! Unlike summer weekends, there is less inspiration to go outside during this time of year. While living like a hermit and hibernating like a bear is one ideal option, keeping your social life alive is another. If you choose mingling with mankind, here are some looks that are perfect for the weekend.

Embrace (Faux) Fur

A faux fur coat is the easiest way to elevate a weekend outfit whilst keeping the cold weather at bay. People are still wearing real fur, but with so many adorable faux options why go that route?

Note, if you already have a fur this is not me saying to stop wearing it. I still have a coat that I wear. Faux fur is just a more cost/animal friendly option to consider going forward. So, I personally will not be purchasing any more fur.

Invest in your sweater game

Of all things in your winter wardrobe, sweaters are the most versatile. You can work them into your work looks as well as wear them during the weekend. So why not invest into a substantial sweater collection? My advise is to stick to solid basics to start then move on to “fun”sweaters.

Don’t be afraid of being cozy

We spend our entire week in constricting work clothes. On the weekends, embrace comfort! Keep it cozy, but of course make it fashion.

What do YOU where during winter weekends?

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