Hair Tips

Accessories That Will Save You From a Bad Hair Day

We’ve all had those days. Days when you just cannot deal with your hair. It’s frizzy, dirty, won’t do anything you want it to do, or all of the above. These days call for reinforcements. Here are some accessories that will help you with being the only person that knows you’re having a bad hair day.


Headbands are great because they can be worn on any hair length or texture. If your hair is kinky, curly, or wavy get a headband that allows you to adjust the tension/placement. A scarf is the best for this.


Barrette are back and better that ever. They are great for second day hair and elevating a sleek ponytail or bun. You hairstyle will look intentional rather than thrown together.

Bobby Pins

Bobby pins have a little more control than barrettes so they are great option when you do not want to do a sleek hairstyle, but still need to tame your mane a bit.


Give your regular hair tie a run for its money. While it’s not an everyday choice, a scrunchie is a valid option for taking your messy bun up a notch.

What do you do on bad hair days?

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