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Ask Lex: How to Stay Warm (and Chic) for Work on Cold Days

Reader: It’s so hard getting ready for work in the morning when it’s really cold out. How do you suggest staying warm during the winter commute while keeping your fashion sense?

This time of year is the absolute worst. I saw an article describing the weather as “absurdly cold”. While the sentiment is funny, it’s true. The last thing you’re thinking about is keeping on trend when frostbite is a legitimate risk. On these days warmth must come first and fashion second. *Gasp* I know, I really just said that.

You do not need to change up your aesthetic and style just to combat cold weather though. You just need to make the proper adjustments to keep the feeling in your limbs in tact. So don’t worry, your fashion sense doesn’t need to go anywhere.

Strategic Layering

Let’s say you wear a sweater. Under that sweater, wear a button up or turtleneck. Under the button up or turtleneck, wear a camisole. If you’re wearing a dress, throw on a sweater or cardigan over it for your morning commute. If you’re wearing pants wear sheer tights underneath and boots that cover your ankles. Layering is key. The only downside is if your office likes to blast the heat.

Leggings/Over-the-Knee Boots

This combination is your best friend during the winter. Instead of wearing sheer tights that barely do anything in the warmth department, wear leggings. To cover up the leggings wear a pair of over-the-knee boots with a dress or skirt length that hits just below the top of the boot. The only person who will know you have leggings on is you. Bonus points if you wear leggings that are equipped for cold weather.

Ditch the cute outerwear

Listen, I am all for cute coats. My coat closet is busting at the seams with them. That being said, when the temps drop to low 20s and the teens it’s time to put that lavender faux fur coat away and break out the down jacket. The reality is everyone is so cold during the commute that the last thing they’ll notice is how adorable your coat. Though this could be said for most days.

Load up on sweaters

This might seem obvious (and I’ve mentioned it before), but it still needed to be said. Sweaters look great with pants/skirts and can be dressed up or down. Not only are they great for the office, but they are also essential for the weekend. Most are timeless so of all your winter purchases, these are the only thing have real return on investment.

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