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What to Wear When You Don’t Know What to Wear

You’re getting ready for work, a night out with the girls, and/or a date. You haven’t shopped as the holidays have left you broke as a joke and you’re just now recovering. Not every outfit has to be a standout, but you’d like to at least look presentable. What do you wear?

You need a formula. A go-to, if you will. A uniform if you want to give it a real name. These never fail combinations will always get you out of a bind.

Work: Little Black Dress

Dress: Zara | Belt: River Island | Booties: Calvin Klein

This isn’t the most exciting look, but when all else fails being polished at work is the most important thing. Throw on a pair of heels and a fun belt to elevate the look.

Girls Night Out: Bodysuit + High Waist Jeans

Bodysuit: Missguided | Jeans: J Brand | Boots: Miss Lola | Belt: Free People

It’s flattering with the just the right amount of sex appeal. You definitely have at least one bodysuit in your closet. Pair that with your favorite high waist jeans. Add a belt and over-the-knee boots to complete the look.

Date: Blouse + Jeans (With Stretch)

Top: H&M | Jeans: Uniqlo | Bag: Urban Outfitters | Shoes: 1.STATE

Dates are tricky because it really depends on where you’re going. Let’s say it’s just casual drinks which is usually the case for dates early on. The key is to look like you tried, but not too hard. Don’t wear anything that you are not comfortable in. Those jeans you can’t breath in. The heels you can’t walk in. Leave those out of your look. Wear your most comfortable/flattering jeans and top that you feel confident in. This is about getting to know the person, not worrying about what you’re wearing all night.

As I previously mentioned, these looks are not always going to be your show stoppers. These are just the back ups to have when you’re completely stumped and not going is not an option. It’s always important to have a plan B!

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