Fashion Week

Why I Prefer February Fashion Week to September

Unpopular opinion – New York Fashion Week in February is better than September. Many will disagree with me because it’s cold and occasionally snowy. That can put a damper on things, but when you look past it there is so much to love. Here’s why I like fashion week in February more than September

The Fashion

Most designers are showcasing fall/winter of next year. Fall will always be the most important season in the fashion world (i.e. Vogue September issue). The structure, the details, the drama is undeniable. While spring clothes are fun to wear, fall is where fashion has its truly iconic moments. This isn’t to say that the fashion is lacking in the spring, but there’s just something about fall/winter.

The Challenge

Getting dressed for fashion week in September, when it’s usually between 70 and 80 degrees, is easy. Building a look around your outerwear is a challenge. It’s finding that look that keeps you warm, but still shows off the latest trends. The balance is tricky, but so much fun to plan out!

The Turnout

The cold tends to scare people away. So from my experience, many shows that are complete chaos to get into in September are a breeze in February. I have also had some of my best press coverage during the winter which I again think has something to do with the turnout. It’s not to say that this is always the case, but I definitely have a much easier time in the winter.

No matter what, I love any opportunity to attend fashion week. Whether it is one show or 10, it is always a memorable experience. The fun officially starts tomorrow. Stay tuned for New York Fashion Week coverage!

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