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Statements Coats to Shake Up Your Outerwear Game

My very first blog post was about the importance of outerwear. While Lex Loves Couture has since evolved, so has my love of outwear. Statement coats are great way to give your day to day looks a boost. It is a way to take an otherwise simple outfit and make it super glam. Here are a few statement coat trends you need to hop on.

Color Block

Color block is making a serious comeback on the outwear front. There is something about it that packs a punch without trying too hard.


Fully acknowledging that plaid is not a major new trend. That being said, it is a good staple that never really goes out style. So it is a great way to add a pop to your wardrobe without being overly trendy.


You know that couch in your grandmother’s house? Have you ever thought that it might make a great coat? Well, now you will.


Vinyl is trending for every type of clothing, but is particularly edgy when worn as outwear. It is a real head turner.

Animal Print

Like plaid, animal print is not a new trend. I would be remiss to not mention it though because it is a timeless statement piece. To switch things up, try something like zebra or snake print for your outerwear.

What statement coat trend are you trying?

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