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Oscars Prep: Awards Season Red Carpet Round Up

Awards season is a long windy road, wouldn’t you agree? It starts in early January with the Golden Globes then does not end until the Oscars that occur either end of February or early March. Through it all we get some major hits and the the occasional misses. As we head into the final countdown to the big night this Sunday. Here is a refresher of what the nominees for Best Supporting Actress and Best Actress wore this award season.

Lady Gaga

While she’s been snubbed throughout awards season in the Best Actress category, she’s been crushing it on the red carpet.

Film: A Star is Born

Oscar Nominations: Best Actress, Best Original Song

Yalitza Aparicio

Roma was Yalitza’s film debut and she’s nominated for best actress! She is the first Indigenous woman to receive a Best Actress Oscar nomination. Her looks can best be described as pretty. Not major standouts, but definitely hitting the mark.

Film: Roma

Oscar Nomination: Best Actress

Melissa McCarthy

This is Melissa’s second Oscar nomination (first Best Actress nomination). I love when she leans into glamour like she did with the silver gown. Here’s hoping we see more of this on Sunday.

Film: Can You Ever Forgive Me?

Oscar Nomination: Best Actress

Olivia Colman

Olivia is forming the habit of playing queens. She plays Queen Anne in her Oscar nominated role in the The Favourite and will be taking over the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the Netflix series The Crown. As far as red carpet style, she is pretty safe and speaking frankly dresses a bit too mature for my liking. I’d like to see her branch out a bit on Sunday, but my hopes aren’t too high.

Film: The Favourite

Oscar Nomination: Best Actress

Glenn Close

Glenn Close is being predicted as the winner for Best Actress as she has won big at pretty much every other award show. She’s been nominated seven times throughout her career and has never won. So, I am personally rooting for her!

I find her red carpet style to be perfectly age appropriate. She looks best in structured silhouettes like the suits she wore, so it would be great to see her explore that on Sunday.

Film: The Wife

Oscar Nomination: Best Actress

Amy Adams

This is Amy Adams’ sixth Oscar nomination. If she does not win on Sunday, I am sure it is only a matter of time before she actually does. Her awards show season style has been very lackluster to me. I really hope she brings the glam on Sunday.

Film: Vice

Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is always strong on the red carpet. This season has not been her most dazzling, but it is far from disappointing. If she were to win on Sunday it would be her second Oscar in two years.

Film: The Favourite

Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress

Rachel Weisv

I found all of Rachel’s looks to be a bit of miss, but I appreciate that she doesn’t play it safe. My hope for Sunday is that she’ll take a risk that lands. This is her second nomination. She already has a Best Supporting Actress Oscar win under her belt for from her first.

Film: The Favourite

Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress

Marina de Tavira

Marina de Tavira is no stranger to film, but Roma is her first widespread success. Since I don’t know much about her it is hard for me to define her style. So, I look forward to seeing what she does for the Oscars.

Film: Roma

Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress

Regina King

Regina King can do not wrong on the red carpet front. She just knows what suits her on the fit and color front. I find her to be the most drawing aspect of any project she is involved in. So, I am really rooting her to win her first Oscar this weekend!

Film: If Beale Street Could Talk

Oscar Nomination: Best Supporting Actress

Honorable Mentions:

These people are not nominated for best actor or actress, but are in films with Oscar nominations. They have also been casually slaying the red carpet this award season.

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita is the perfect example of how subjective fashion is. As a high fashion lover, while I don’t adore every look I can appreciate the fashion in it. She never plays it safe and I love that. I’m sure she has something absolutely chic cooked up for the Oscars

Film: Black Panther (6 nominations including Best Picture)

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt was shut out of the Oscars for Best Actress which can happen for musicals sometimes. She has had a strong red carpet presence though so I would be remiss not to mention her. I am hoping she still makes an Oscar appearance on Sunday.

Film: Mary Poppins Returns (3 nominations)

KiKi Layne

I have to be honest, I had not known much about KiKi prior to the Golden Globes. This stunning dress immediately caught my eye. It appears she has some promising projects in her future. Exciting to see where she goes.

Film: If Beale Street Could Talk (3 nominations)

Chadwick Boseman

Most men who attend these award shows lean towards a black tuxedo. Occasionally they’ll get wild and opt for a color. Chadwick actually embraces the fashion in men’s fashion. I love it!

Film: Black Panther (6 nominations including Best Picture)

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