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13 Small Bags You Can Wear Into the Spring

Can I just say how happy I am that small bags are trending in a major way? This is not to say that big bags are out, but they have returned back to their rightful place of for work (and maybe weekend errands). For things like brunch, date night, drinks, semi formal occasions, etc. you do not need a big bag. I repeat, you do not need a big bag.

I am sure I have stated this before, but it is my biggest pet peeve. Carrying a big bag irks me even more now that so many cute small bag options are out there. Why carry your huge travel bag? What in the world is in there?

In college, we had this acronym for before we went out: PMILK (phone, money, ID, lipgloss (or lipstick), keys). We used it so that no one would forget anything important. These days I don’t need a reminder to bring my money/ID as they are both in my wallet or my phone which is attached to my hand at all times. The concept that the items in the acronym are the only things that you need is still valid though.

Anything other than PMILK is absolutely unnecessary. Maybe you can throw a compact in there for makeup touch ups, but everything you need should fit into a small bag. Anything else is excess that causes you to bring a larger bag that ruins your outfit.

Don’t be that girl, here a some small bags you can wear now and into the spring.

Will you be hopping onto the small bag trend?

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