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How to Start Wearing Spring Clothes

I wrote a post three years ago “When is it Okay to Start Wearing Spring Clothes?“. To this day, it gets a hit every single day. Literally today it got dozens of clicks. This year alone it has already gotten more views than it did the year it was originally published.

So first, thanks Google! Secondly, I think the reason it gets so much traction is because people are dying to break out their spring wardrobes. Three years later, it’s time to give this post a bit of a refresher. So here ya go internet!

Opt for bright/neon pieces

My last post was written during the height of pastel’s popularity. With easter next month, pastels are still very much so valid, but it’s not the same. Neons are where it’s at this season. If not neon then super bright primary colors are a must this spring. An easy way to give your look a spring twist is by adding a bright pop of color. This could be shoes, bags, sweaters, or outwear. Anything to shake off the cold winter vibes.

Pair midi-length dresses and skirts or culottes with booties

I know it literally just snowed and this week is expected to be particularly frigid. Keep the faith that in the not so distant future you WILL be able to show a little leg. We always jump the gun by going straight for the shorts or mini skirts. This spring let’s ease into it by opting for midi-length dresses and skirts or culottes. Complete the look with a pair of booties.

Go Lighter

Go lighter in every way. Lighter colors, lighter materials, lighter layers. You can start with color right away while materials and layers are of course weather permitting. The biggest thing with any change in season is not to push it. Don’t be that girl who is super ready for spring on a 40 degree day.

Get a pedicure

Or give yourself one. While commuting in sandals might be a tad premature, open toe shoe for nights out or the office is an acceptable way to transition. For nights out you can start as soon as the weather has warmed up to high 50s. For the office, wait until high 60s/low 70s to avoid looks from your judgmental coworker that loves to comment on your outfit choices.

Let your accessories do the talking

We’ve all experienced those springs/early summers that cannot seem to make up their minds. One day it’s cold as ice, the next it’s blazing hot. With the weather being so unpredictable, there’s one thing that always make a spring statement – your accessories. Go for bags, jewelry, and shoes that are screaming spring. I am hoping that this will be a warm spring, but just in case it’s good to have back up.

How do you transition into spring?

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