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It’s Strange, But I Don’t Have FOMO Anymore

The highlight of my past weekend was making falafel from scratch with my boyfriend. I didn’t go out and have drinks. I didn’t even drink wine in my apartment. I was dead sober for 72 hours and the only person outside of people on the street that I saw was Brian (my boyfriend). Sunday night came and I thought to myself, “This was a great weekend and MAN was that falafel delicious!”

Then I had a realization, I don’t have FOMO (fear of missing out) anymore. On top of that, I’ve stopped feeling like I have anything to prove. Whether the weekend is a rager or low-key I could care less. I’m just happy it’s the weekend, you know?

Is it my age?

Maybe? I’m not sure though, I know plenty of people nearing their 30s who are still chasing an enviable lifestyle. So maybe not experiencing FOMO has to do with your maturity level, but that’s not it entirely.

Is it because I’m in a relationship?

That’s a hard no. I have been with the same person for nearly a decade and I experienced plenty of FOMO along the way. In fact it can be way worse when you’re in a relationship. Those nights when all of my friends were out and I was staying in definitely had me feeling like I was missing out on something.

Am I over it?

Yes and no. Okay, I am definitely over day long hangovers that cause me to be a useless member of society. I absolutely don’t pine for crowded situations where the chance of someone accidentally spilling their drink on me is super high.

That being said, I still enjoy going out. While it is not a every Friday/Saturday (and some week nights) occurrence anymore, I still have a social life! It’s important to me to still dress up, go out, and most importantly build on the relationships with my friends.

Pro tip: The goal is to never be that friend that is never free even though they have no particular plans. For every no, there should be three yeses.

So, what is it then?

My favorite thing to do when I go out is to watch the girls documenting their entire night. In between takes, they appear bored as can be. If you watch their Instagram stories, their night was lit though. I’m not judging because I used to be one of them.

I spent every night out, and why? Just so that people would see that I was out. I wanted everyone to know how unbelievably fabulous and exclusive I was. My self worth was defined by the doorman at the hottest clubs in the city.

These days I just don’t care what people think. Especially because I’ve finally come to the realization that people don’t care what I’m doing anyway. The way I swipe through the clubbing/bar stories without much thought is the same way people did to mine.

Most importantly when I do go out, I am actually in the moment enjoying the people I’m there with. I still do the occasional documentation, but for as many times as you see me sharing my social life there are just many nights that go undocumented.

PS – those are usually the best ones!

Jacket: Nasty Gal (Similar) | Sweater: Tibi (via Rent the Runway) | Jeans: STS Blue (c/o) | Boot: Chinese Laundry (Similar)

Do you experience FOMO?

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