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How Rent the Runway Elevated My Style

In a previous post, I discussed why I joined Rent the Runway. So, I don’t need rehash all that. Today, I’ll discuss how the subscription service has seriously taken my style to the next level. I promised an update in my last post, so here it is!

Endless closet

I could never live up to my “full potential” due to financial/space limitations. So, I remixed my current wardrobe whilst sprinkling in new pieces. I made it work, but it did make getting ready each morning a bit of struggle. With RTR the look combinations are endless. I never repeat an outfit or even a remixed version of it. Every single day I can keep it fresh.

I can take risks, without fear of wasting money

There are plenty of times I see pieces and ask myself, “But how many times will I realistically wear that”? With RTR, the answer is once and that is perfectly okay (it’s also the whole point). So, every day I am wearing a new chic look. I am not afraid to take a risk on unique piece because it’s one day and not every look has to be a winner.

Helps me avoid seasonal style ruts

There’s a point in every season, particularly the summer and winter, when I am just over it and feel so uninspired. Past winters have been particularly bad because I have gravitated to wearing all black. All black is chic in moderation, but gets a little depressing when mixed with the gloomy weather winter brings with it. This past season I wore color/prints and never hit that lull.

Weather is no longer a factor

Speaking of the seasons, it doesn’t matter what the temperature is these days. I check the weather and then pick out looks based on that. Yes, I can do that with my regular wardrobe, but we’ve all experienced buying something then having to hold on wearing it because it was too hot or cold. RTR offers instead instant gratification when you pick your pieces wisely.

Easy to look polished (for every occasion)

I love when I get invited to special events. Whether it a wedding or a gala, it’s so much fun taking the glam up a notch. That being said, those invitations used to give me extreme anxiety when it came to figuring out what to wear. It was also an added cost on top of what is usually an already expensive occasion. With RTR , that stress is a distant memory. No matter what the level of formality I always have tons of options of what to wear. With their fast shipping (same day in NYC), I don’t even have to plan my looks out super far in advance.

It helps me build on a great foundation

Not to toot my own horn, but I have a good eye for style. I have always dressed well, but having this aforementioned endless closet has taken my style to new heights. The foundation was always there, but RTR helps me really get there.

Unrelated Bonus: I barely shop anymore

I thought I would still want to shop. I don’t. The only time I am interested in shopping is when I am traveling and need more than four pieces at a time I can get from RTR. I do fill in with basics, accessories, etc, but every time I find a unique piece I think to myself that I could find something similar or better on RTR, so why spend the money?

PS – It’s crazy because I had an actual shopping problem prior to joining. I’m talking borderline shopaholic addiction level. I didn’t join as a form of rehab, but that’s inadvertently what happened. With RTR I still get that new clothes high, without breaking the bank as severely as I used to.

Have you tried Rent the Runway?


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