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What to Wear to Work This Week: 3/18

The actual work we do is tough, but sometimes the hardest part about work is the act of getting ready in the morning. I’ve touched on this many times because this is felt deep for me. If you’re stumped on what to wear for the rest of the week, here is some inspo.


Not exaggerating when I say spring is just around the corner. It starts in less than two days! The best way to welcome this season is with color and lots of it. If you’re ready to start experimenting with color, this is the perfect week to start.

Break out the stripes

Stripes are always trending, but are especially great as you transition into spring. They are a great way to ease into lighter colors, fabrics and prints.

Make florals groundbreaking

Full disclosure, florals as a stand alone spring item are not groundbreaking. When Miranda Priestly deadpanned this comment in The Devil Wears Prada her tone was harsh, but her sentiment was correct. You can make florals groundbreaking though! You just need a pop, like a pair of white or cream boots.

Don’t slack on casual Friday

A lot of people take the casual in “Casual Friday” way too seriously. Just because it’s Friday, it does not mean you should dress like you’re not going to the office. Jeans are okay, but it’s important for the rest of your look to be polished.

What are you wearing to work this week?

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