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Ask Lex: Is Instagram Fashion Actually Fashion?

Reader: Lex! Please settle a debate between me and my friend. I don’t think Instagram fashion is actually fashion, my friend does. Who’s right?

Merriam Webster dictionary defines fashion as the “prevailing style (as in dress) during a particular time”. Hate to break it to you girlie, but your friend wins this debate. While high fashion is what comes to mind when people think of “fashion”, Instagram is setting the trends just as much as Vogue is. Maybe more!

I define Instagram fashion as trends, affordable fast fashion, and a dash of sex appeal. Note, I am excluding true fashion bloggers because I have a feeling that’s not what you were referring to. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Sexy can be fashion

Photo: @desiperkins

It’s important to note that being sexy does not negate fashion. You can hit the trends whilst baring some skin and/or showing off your curves. Influencer, Desi Perkins (@desiperkins) is a perfect example of someone who leans into her sex appeal while still serving major fashion glam.

PS – I encourage you to give her feed a peruse for some fashion and beauty inspo!

Fast fashion is fashion

A lot of the looks you see on Instagram are sourced by fast fashion stores both big and small. These type of stores are what you make of it. Due to their quick turnover, most brands are able to tackle trends in record time. This could be used to your advantage.

Before I started using Rent the Runway, fast fashion stores were my only source of clothing. Besides of the occasional sample sale find, I primarily wore H&M, Forever 21, Zara, and Shein. Some of my best fashion week looks were fast fashion. I landed in British Vogue wearing a tee from Forever 21. So, don’t knock fast fashion til you’ve tried it!

Style is better than fashion

Photo: @amrezy

Someone can have great style, but it does not always equate to what some might consider fashion. They always look amazing and it has nothing to do with trends, what designer or brand they’re wearing, etc. Sometimes fashion and style collide, but you don’t need one for the other to exist.

Amra Olević (@amrezy) is a prime example of this. Her style is immaculate. Every look is perfectly curated and fits her body like a glove. She has epic fashion moments, but her style is what matters. She can incorporate the trends without veering away from her definitive style. Most importantly, she might wear brands that everyone else is wearing, but she never looks like everyone else.

Plot Twist: Fashion is the most subjective thing ever

Ever. I do weekly polls on my Instagram stories for celebrity style. I don’t love every look I throw into the poll, but there’s always at least one that I’m obsessed with. That is usually the lowest performing look. Am I wrong and everyone else right (or vice versa)? No, we just have a different view of what looks good and what doesn’t.

So plot twist, maybe both you and your friend are right because what you each consider fashion is different. Didn’t expect for it to go there, did you?

What do you think fashionistas?

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