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Platforms are Back for Spring

Short girls rejoice! The platform is making a comeback and it’s m-a-j-o-r. While the platform didn’t exactly die, there’s no denying that it was put on the back burner by its single sole counterpart. As with everything in fashion these days, anything goes. So, don’t go torching your single sole heels just yet!

If you’re like me, a girl who is under 5’4 (*cough, cough* 5’2), you probably never stopped wearing platforms or at the very least kept your platforms in storage. I am sorry, but any shoe that is comfortable AND puts me at over 5’7 is here to stay in my book.

I personally love platforms for the aforementioned comfort, but also for the style. They make such a huge statement and can really make an outfit pop. I’ll still be rocking my single soles, but the platforms are being thrown back into heavy rotation. If you jumped the gun and ditched all of your platforms here are a few options to give your wardrobe a refresh.

Platforms Perfect for Spring

Which platforms are you rockin’ this spring?

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