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Ask Lex: When Do I Need to Start Dressing My Age?

Reader: I’m a mid-30 something and I’m never sure what is right for my age. Is there a certain point when I should stop wearing certain things?

I grew up with a mom who wore (and still wears) short shorts. This is not necessarily a phenomenon, but it’s important to mention. While many mothers wore sensible slacks to the party, my mom was in the dress that showed off her legs. So, I have always been in the camp that says if you got it flaunt it.

There is no cut off, but it’s okay to outgrow things.

Throwing out an arbitrary number on when you must stop wearing certain pieces is not the way to go about it. The cut off should be based on your own comfort level. If there is a cut off at all.

If you love mini skirts and how you look in them, there is no reason why you should suddenly retire your favorite skirt. If you start to feel exposed every time you’re in it and hate the constant task of pulling it down after it hikes up, then maybe it’s time to swap out the mini for midi.

That decision should never be based on age and should always be based on what makes you happy though!

Don’t let people shame you and don’t shame yourself.

Listen I don’t care if you’re 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 if you feel confident rocking a bodycon dress, do it girl! My least favorite thing to hear is that a person dresses “young for their age”. I’m sorry, but who made you the style police?

I also hate to hear people say that they can’t wear something because they’re a woman of a certain age. I refuse to do an overhaul of my wardrobe just so that I can dress to match society’s dress code for each age milestone. So should you!

No matter where you are in life age wise, you should refuse to be shamed (or shame yourself) for wearing clothing that makes you feel great.

Style matures and that’s okay too

With all this being said, what you wore at 20 is not going to be what you want to wear at 30. I wear things these days that I would never have been caught dead in a few years ago and vice versa. My mindset matured and my style evolved. My day to day outfits are more modest, but more importantly they are more complex.

TLDR: Style has no age limit, wear what you want to wear.

I will definitely carry on the tradition of being the mom wearing mini skirts to school functions. I’ll never ask myself if am I too old to wear this, I’ll ask myself if wearing this makes me happy. As long as pieces keep me content I’ll be wearing them. If this means that I’ll be a senior woman in denim cut off shorts, so be it!

Do you think there is an age limit on certain pieces?

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