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What to Get Your Cool Dad for Father’s Day

When I was little, my father used to walk me to the park near our apartment and sing Black Bird by The Beatles. We were the dynamic duo and he shined brighter than the sun. He was (and still is) this coolest guy in the world to me. While I rarely admit it – I will say it now, I have a cool dad.

You see, while his day job in IT isn’t the coolest thing ever, I grew up watching him plucking an upright (and electric) bass, shooting photography, and being good at literally everything. I mean EVERYTHING.

Last summer when my family was in Ibiza, he didn’t succeed at paddle boarding on the first try and I remember being shocked. Not because paddle boarding is easy, but it was actually the first time in nearly 30 years I had ever seen my dad not be instantly good at something.

I have witnessed my father ask a teenager to borrow his skateboard and do a trick. He road a motorcycle for my entire time in high school. There is actual video footage of this guy catching air on a jet ski. He wears skinny jeans and has never owned anything that would have remotely been considered “dad jeans”.

A lot of people say I am a lot like my mother because we both love fashion and have similar personalities in ways (which is true), but I am my father’s daughter. My humor, my love of music and the arts in general, my creativity, and that fire that comes out when necessary comes from him.

He might tell the occasional dad joke, but I am fairly certain that I have one of the coolest dads around. If you have one of the other cool dads out there, here are a few ideas of what to get him this Father’s Day because a tie simply will not do.


A cool dad is usually tech savvy. The font on his phone may be twice as big as yours, but it is on the latest iPhone. He is a guy who cares about staying up-to-date on the newest tech. Don’t let anyone catch your dad slippin’!


Cool dads also like fashion. They might not be flipping through the latest issue of GQ, but they do care that their style is on point. My father has a lot fashion girls in his life, so he has had to put a cease and desist on buying him clothes as gifts. If there hasn’t been a clothing overload in your dad’s world – keep him fresh with some new pieces. Again, not a tie. He has plenty!


This idea is for every type of dad and is really based on your dad’s interests. For example, my father’s three biggest hobbies are music, golf, and cigars (yes – cigar smoking can be a hobby). So, if I were to go this route I would choose something that the two of us to could do together. So, something like a concert, Top Golf, or a cigar event. Whatever you decide on, I guarantee you will have a memorable day that you will be able to talk about for years to come!

What are you getting your dad for Father’s Day?

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