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20 Summer Bags You Need In Your Rotation

A bag can make or break your look. This rings especially true during the summer. It’s the pop that requires minimal effort as you would be carrying a bag no matter what. If you’re looking to up your bag collection, here are some bags perfect for the summer!


Straw is the ultimate summer bag this season. It’s perfect for brunch, a day at the beach, or even date night.


Next to straw, wood is an absolute must. It’s great because even though it might seem like it’s trending all of over Instagram, you’ll probably be the only carrying one in your group.


Transparent should never be a major investment because they eventually will go out of style in a major way. That being said, they do make a fabulous and unexpected neutral! I have one that I bought on a whim and I use it at least once a week and always get tons of compliments.

Sorbet Colors

The amazing thing about pastels is that they are always trending for spring/summer. Even when it’s not tracking in a major way, you can always pull it off. These bags could be carried into future seasons for sure.

Bright Colors

I personally believe color is for all of the time, but if you not sure when to do it, summer is the best time to break out those bright colors. Let them pop against your sun-kissed skin and equally vibrant outfits!


You might be saying why I am going to spend money on something that looks like a fishing net? Well fashion, that’s why. Just kidding, I view these as primarily casual and for practical purposes like a beach day or running errands.

What bag are you carrying this summer?

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