Shopping Style Guide

Lex’s Go-To Fast Fashion Spots

I very frequently get asked where I shop. The truth is I rarely shop anymore thanks to Rent The Runway! While I shop significantly less, I haven’t stopped shopping entirely. When I do need to give my (not rented) wardrobe a refresh, these are my go-to spots.

In-Store: Zara

I haven’t broken up with H&M and Forever 21 entirely, but those are stores that I honestly only go to when I am looking for something specific. For example, when I get a last minute invite to go out I head to Forever 21. When I need workwear staples I go to H&M.

Zara is my fashion go-to though. When I need a unique piece without knowing what is in the store, I know I’ll find something there. Whether it be clothes or accessories, I never leave disappointed.

Zara has a good grasp on trends and how to translate them in an affordable way. Some complain about the Zara price point, but I personally don’t see another fast fashion company doing it as well as them. I prefer going in person because it is more instant gratification than ordering online.

Pros: Clothing and accessories are super on trend (ripped from the runway on trend)

Cons: Prices can be too high for certain items. Quality does not always match the price.

Online: Shein, Asos, & Fashion Nova


Shein is a website that people have stumbled upon and reached out to me to find out if it’s fake. Why? The prices are ridiculously low. Think Forever 21 meets Zara, but half the price. The clothes are super cute, but I personally feel the site’s real strong suit is their accessories (which are also amazingly priced). Everything from their bags, to sunglasses, to hair accessories are to die for. My last haul was mostly accessories and just a couple of clothing items.

Pros: Stylish clothing at an absolute steal, what more can you ask for?

Cons: Most of the time quality is good, but you get what you pay for sometimes (i.e. frayed ends, lose buttons, etc).


Asos is similar to Zara in its ability to translate runway style into relatable fashion. It’s great for any occasion from a wedding to work to a night out friends. When I am shopping for New York Fashion Week, Asos is my first stop. My favorite thing is their Premier Delivery feature. You pay a flat fee and get free two day shipping for a year. It really comes in handy when you’re in a bind.

Pros: Chic clothing for all occasions and for all personal styles

Cons: Like Zara, some things are a bit overpriced in relation to quality

Fashion Nova

If you saw my looks for Las Vegas in April, you should know it was all Fashion Nova. While the brand is not strictly for the club, for me that’s the purpose it primarily serves. I haven’t, but I would try their denim because I’ve heard good things. There are also great summer pieces for the weekend.

Now that they’ve upgraded their warehouse, shipping is at lighting speed. They have a next day option that lives up to its name (I doubted it at first). I have yet to see a online store that ships as fast.

Pros: Cute clothing and AMAZING shipping

Cons: It’s more Instagram style versus street style. Meaning there’s a uniqueness that can be lacking. It’s all about how you style things though!

Where are do YOU shop?

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