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Lex’s Heatwave Proof Makeup Tricks

There are plenty of fresh faced girls out there. The girls who say that they only wear mascara to work with pride. I am not one of those girls. I don’t wear makeup daily because I hate how I look without it, it’s because I love doing and wearing makeup.

It’s not an arduous task for me. I love beauty! I like to have my eyeshadow match my outfit and giving a dull look a pop of red lips. Makeup is art for me.

Even on the hottest of days, you’ll see me with a full face. I have been stopped on the street and complimented with many marveling on how my face is in tact in these high temperatures.

Full disclosure I have the benefit of dry skin. While it kills me in the winter, it is a godsend in the summer. Outside of genetics though, I have a few tricks and tips for every all skin types.

Stick to matte foundation

No matter what your skin type, it is better to stick to foundation that has a matte finish. For a smoother application, I would recommend using a liquid foundation.

I personally opt for the less is more mindset. I do two pumps (about a dime size). This way your foundation does not have a chance to streak in hot weather. It’s more of a second skin with a very natural finish.

Waterproof everything

Waterproof mascara and eyeliner are your best friends. Every time you blink your eye makeup risks the chance of running. Not a good look.

PS – If you prefer not to do waterproof eyeliner, another option is to choose a brand that’s long-wear. Those tend to be sweat resistant and do the trick.

Use an eyeshadow primer

I am a girl who wears eyeshadow on a daily basis. With the exception of the beach and pool it is an absolute makeup staple. Most eyeshadow tends to not stand the test of time. It wears away throughout the day no matter what the temperature is, but especially on hot days.

To avoid this, I use NYX pigment primer. It’s an eyeshadow base that in addition to turning virtually any brand of eyeshadow into long-wear, helps give your shadows colors of boost.

This a benefit especially for my fellow brown girls. I don’t know about you, but for years I felt like I couldn’t wear certain colors because the pigment sort of blended in for my skin. This pigment primer has been a life saver and has made the eye look possibilities endless.

Cream over powder highlighter

I don’t completely stop wearing powder highlight, but for my everyday looks I always wear cream based highlighters. These tend to be more hot weather friendly/streak proof. Also, they glide really well and give a nice realistic glow. It’s a barely there effect that’s just right.

Setting powder is a toss up

This really depends on your skin type. For me with my dry skin, the powder tends crack and create fine lines that aren’t there when I sweat. This is probably because there is no oil to absorb the powder.

If you have oily skin you should set your foundation/concealer by applying powder generously all over your face. Sweat can cause your skin to get oilier, so you need something to offset that. Just make sure you look matte, not dead. It’s a fine line! You can avoid this by using a damp makeup sponge to blend rather than a dry brush.

If you have combination skin apply powder only to areas where your skin gets oily. If you apply all over it will be too much. You do need a little though.

Setting spray is a must

I feels this applies to year round, but especially on hot days! After I finish my makeup I mist my face. When I get into the office I apply some more. If I run out for lunch, another mist. Setting spray helps keeps everything in place. Use one that can be used as a refresher as well.

How are you surviving this heatwave?

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