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How to Transition Into Fall Without Looking Crazy

Fashionistas, it’s 80 degrees and I saw a girl wearing a leather jacket. While her outfit was very cute, it would have made more sense on a day with some sort of wind chill. Today is not that day.

I say this every year. I love fall and like everyone else I am very excited for sweater weather and fall fashion as a whole. The thing is, it’s still technically summer until September 23rd. It’s not even like New York City is currently experiencing fall-like weather. It still looks and feels like summer.

So, what are you doin’ girl?! It’s way too soon for that leather jacket. I’m sweating just thinking about it.

With Labor Day having come and gone, I completely understand people itching to start showing off their fall style. There’s something about wearing very summery looking pieces post Labor Day that feels off. We don’t need to shoot from linen to tweed in one fell swoop though. There is a way to balance the weather and your fall style aspirations.

Swap out sandals for booties

Fun fact, many of those cute dresses and skirts you’ve been wearing all summer also look really good with booties. Not all, but a lot more do than you would expect. Swapping out your sandals for booties instantly gives your look a fall vibe without the risk of a heat stroke. It is an easy flip that makes a world of difference.

PS – Note that I said booties not boots. Boots may be a bit premature!

Switch to deeper/richer colors

Another simple switch is color. By moving to richer colors such as mustards, reds, and greens your look will scream autumn. I don’t subscribe to the rule that with fall comes a complete abandonment of bright colors. I will say that making this shift will put you in a fall mood without looking out of pocket.

Pack away summer prints

The fall is not devoid of print, but there are certain prints that just exude spring and summer. The perfect and obvious example being florals. In truth, anything that feels like it would look great on a tropical vacation has no place in your fall transition wardrobe. Instead, wear prints like plaid or houndstooth.

Lean into denim

You may have been wearing denim all summer, but if you haven’t you should start now. It’s a great way to give your outfits a crisp fall look. Try pairing your favorite jeans with a cute pair of booties, loafers, or a suede pump. Also, don’t forget about chambray shirts and denim skirts!

Embrace fall beauty

These days the shift from summer to fall beauty is a more subtle change. It could be a move from warm to cool tones with your makeup. For example, swapping warm corals with cool nudes/browns/mauves for your lips. It could also mean embracing fall inspired oranges, reds, and golds.

In the past I have made this suggestion and said to lean into vampy looks. This year, I’ll say vampy has more of a time and place. I’m personally less inclined to wear a dark bold lip during the daytime, but I still would want to do it for nights out and dressed up occasions.

Let the weather dictate your fabric choices

Rule of thumb, if you think there’s even the slightest chance of you sweating it’s probably not the right time to be wearing it. You’ll have plenty of time to wear wool, tweed, leather, and/or suede. Fall/winter are very long when you combine the two. So, don’t rush it!

Don’t break out any form of outwear until you actually need it

As I said, the fall/winter is lengthy. Before you know it, you’ll be dying to be able to go without a jacket. So, why start before you need to actually wear it. Note, this does not just apply to leather jackets in a heatwave. Breaking out the faux fur as soon as the weather drops down below the 70s is also a big no-no. It’s will be outerwear season so soon! Let’s just relax and enjoy the warm weather.

How are you transitioning into fall?

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  1. Your ideas are great I have a great summer dress (baby pink maxi) I wanted to wear with booties i think it will look good
    Thanks lex!

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