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Wedding Season 2019 Style Diaries

I am officially at the age where everyone in my (and my boyfriend’s) friend circle is either married, engaged, or in a serious relationship. One of my married friends even has a baby. We’re really growing up.

This also means that our wedding season had a lot going on. We were invited to seven weddings this year and were able to make it to four. Three of which happened across various parts of New York and one that took us across the world to Israel. From June to October (with exception of September) we had one wedding per month.

Even though it felt like we were always on our way to another wedding for the past five months, I am so happy to have been able celebrate so much love! Each wedding could not have been more different from other, but they were all beautiful in their own way. I know in my heart that we witnessed the start of four long lasting marriages.

You know I love a wedding look. It was so much fun planning for each one. Here’s a round up of my 2019 wedding looks!

June 8, 2019: Brooklyn, NY

Our first wedding of the season was one of my oldest and best friends! She and her husband had been together for a little longer than my boyfriend I have (a long time) so I was thrilled to see her tie the knot. Their wedding was a small brunch wedding. I knew instantly that I wanted to wear something floral and flowy. I chose a wooden bad to give the look a daytime glam vibe.

Dress: Delfi Collective

July 6, 2019: Roxbury, NY

We headed upstate for Fourth of July weekend for our next wedding. My boyfriend and I both went to college with the groom. It was a barnyard wedding, but I would more so call it “barnyard chic” because outside of the exterior, you really did not feel like you were in a barn. The decor was stunning.

For the first and hopefully only time I had a twinning moment with another guest. I’d like to say I didn’t care, but I have not reached that laugh it off care-free attitude yet. We both looked great though and obviously have great taste.

Dress: Jonathan Simkhai

August 20, 2019: Yavne, Israel

We closed out our summer weddings in Israel. The bride was literally my oldest friend. We met we were in the sixth grade and have always been in each other’s lives every since. Not making it to Israel never seemed like an option to me.

Her wedding took place at a beautiful banquet hall. She didn’t do bridesmaids, but asked that her close friends wear blush, black, silver, or gold. It all fell together nicely as everyone adhered to the dress code. I struggle a little before I landed on my dress, but was very happy with my end result!

October 19, 2019: Montauk, NY

Our last wedding of wedding season took place in the Hamptons. My boyfriend and I went to school with the bride and groom. This wedding wasn’t super small, but still felt intimate. There was just one interesting tidbit in regards to the dress code, it was black tie.

This was my first black tie wedding. I had been to galas in the past and just gone for midi length to save myself the stress of finding a gown that didn’t overwhelm my petite frame.

Thankfully, I discovered many brands offer a petite (and tall) option in addition to the regular. So, the dress I rented from Rent the Runway was the perfect length.

Fun Fact: I didn’t even wear a gown for my high school prom or any of my sorority formals because the idea of finding the right length/fit was so stressful. It would take amazing tailoring to get a regular size dress to fit in all the right places.

Dress: Amanda Uprichard

That’s a wrap on wedding for us until 2020. We only have one so far, we’ll see if anything else shakes out. A special cheers to all of the love we were able to witness this year!

Special note: I did not pay full price for all these designer dresses. They are all via Rent the Runway. I am still all about affordable fashion!

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