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7 Years of Lex Loves Couture

If I am being honest, Lex Loves Couture exceeded my wildest dreams years ago. Why? I didn’t have lofty goals for this site. It started simply as a creative outlet. I was working at a low-paying and quite frankly uninspiring job. I needed something to give me a spark. Even if that something was only for me.

When I hit publish on my first post, never did I expect tons of people to read it. Never did I expect people to like it. Never did I expect for people to love it. Never did I expect to be writing this post seven years later honoring me taking that first leap.

This blog has taken me to exclusive events, beautiful shows during fashion week, and an endless supply of freebies. It has put me in people’s orbit I never would have met otherwise. It has defined who I am and who I want to be for nearly a decade.

It was like a ticket to a whole new world I did not know I wanted or needed. It has given me a voice and perspective. When I check my stats I see that people from all over the globe are continually checking in to read what I have to say. Even as the tides change and mediums shift, I still have loyal readers who appear to be here to stay.

As time passed, it dawned on me that I had to add a new perspective to keep things fresh. I tried a few different avenues – celebrity style, entertainment news, highlighting other people’s style, etc. Then suddenly I realized that the one perspective that had been missing since the beginning was mine.

Who is Alexa Alfonso? For the first few years, my readers probably could not tell you. For the most part, I was this faceless Gossip Girl-esque girl who just popped by to give you fashion and beauty advice. So, I decided to give my readers more of myself.

I began touching on me/my opinions and breaking out of the self-made box that I put myself in when I first starting blogging. At that time, I was just trying to get a seat at the table. So, I wanted to stand out, but not ruffle any feathers.

I kept it light. I talked about shoes, bags, lipstick, skincare, etc. I talked about what everyone was talking about. So yes I had a seat, but the table was very crowded.

As a blogger, you can become numb to hitting publish. When I started to truly write from my point of view (and not in the Lex Loves Couture voice I created to appeal to the masses) that is when my numbness instantly subsided. I felt anew and my love for this site renewed.

There is an amazing weight lifted when you start to be yourself. I was toiling for a seat at the table, but I’ve started focusing on creating my own table. A table for women who love fashion and beauty as much as they like talking about the issues. My goal for Lex Loves Couture is for it to be the destination for the multifaceted women we all are.

Thank you all for your support and staying on this journey with me. I always say this, but only because it’s true. You all are what keep me going. Cheers to a seven years of evolution and growth!

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