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How I Maintain My Twist Outs

Following up on last week’s post about my hair resolutions, I’ll be sharing a few tips and tricks for maintaining a twist out style for one week (or more). When my hair was shorter I have to admit that I was not a fan of twist outs. They just didn’t last for me. Now that my hair is about shoulder length, it’s much easier to keep the style going. Here’s how I do it.


For sleeping, I use the pineapple method (pushing curls to top of head and securing with silk or satin scarf). Some ladies opt for bonnet, but I find the pineapple to be significantly more effective. Rather than risking the chance of shrinkage overnight, it remains stretched. The only time I sleep with a bonnet is when I have the twists in and they are setting overnight. This is all totally based on preference though. Do what works best for you!

Refreshing Oil

I started using SheaMoisture Coconut Custard Make It Last Wash N’ Go Curl Revival Oil  for my wash-and-gos, but have found it to be perfect for day 2 (or beyond) twist outs. When I first take my hair out of my pineapple, I shake it out and then I spray the oil generously all over. Without disturbing the shape of the curls, I work the product through so that it is fully saturated. This a great way to retain moisture.

Fluff & Finger Curl

Over time you will start to lose curl definition. For me this starts to happen around day 4 – sometimes day 3. At this point, I fluff my hair with a pick until I cannot fluff anymore.

After fluffing, I scoop up a small amount of curl cream between my thumb and index finger. I apply it to very small pieces of hair sporadically throughout my head and finger curl the ends. I usually target the frizziest pieces at the top my head first. You do this to enough pieces and it creates the illusion of definition.


Depending on how my hair is feeling (moisture wise) I may opt to re-twist my hair. When I do this, I only use my finger to detangle/part and do the twist out process sans water. I use Lotta Body wrap mousse and Deva Curl Super Stretch Cream to make my hair just damp enough to be easy to twist and the refresher oil to lock in moisture.

The cool thing about re-twisting (without water) is that you experience little to no shrinkage overnight. So, when you take out your twists you have great volume and length. Your hair is already stretched so the results are great. You could re-twist on a nightly basis if you want perfectly defined curls everyday. I personally don’t have the patience.

Note: The only time I’ll use spray bottle with water is when I am trying to stretch a twist out into a second week.

Volume on 100

The major perk of a twist out is that it just keeps getting bigger with each passing day. By a certain point my fro has its own zip code. So if you want my opinion, only re-twist if your hair is feeling really dry. If it is frizzy, but still feels soft just leave it be. Let that fro live its best life. Again, just my humble opinion!

It’s too early to say how twist outs will effect my growth, but I can say the immediate volume effect is insane. So for that reason alone I know I have found my go-to for the foreseeable future.

Happy twisting, naturalistas!

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