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My Super Moisturized Wash N’ Go Routine

I started 2020 with a resolution to eliminate wash n’ gos from my hair routine. My main reason being because I found protective styles to be better for moisture retention. I stuck with it for a while, but doing twist outs regularly turned out to be a hard commitment.

While I am still doing twist outs, I’ve worked wash n’ gos back into my routine. I went back to the drawing board and figured out a way to leave my hair super moisturized every single time. Here’s how I do it.

Most of the work is done in the shower

I won’t lie to you. The shower is the longest part of the process. Your fingers will be pruney. You’ll curse my name as you try this routine. The end result is worth it though. So, trust the process!

Wash/condition hair in sections

My hair is very thick. The best way for me to truly cleanse/deep condition my hair to apply the product to small sections. My back half has a slightly looser curl so I do that as one section. My top half is more tight/coily so I break that into two sections. I work the product through each section and detangle with a Denman brush.

Twist hair after each step

This is where the moisture retention comes in. After I apply cowash to my hair and have detangled it, I two strand twist the section. I repeat this until I am left the four twists.

Starting with the back section I undo the twists and rinse out the cowash. I apply my hair mask, detangling once more with my fingers or brush, then split my hair into two sections and retwist. I repeat these steps with the two sections at the top of my head (section by section not all at once). Then I put on a conditioning cap.

I allow the mask to process while I do my other shower things. Then I’ll undo the twists in the back, rinse out my conditioner, ring out the excess water from hair, and then apply a leave in conditioner. I break my hair into to two sections and retwist my hair. I repeat these same steps with the top of my hair. I end my shower with four twists.

Why I do so much in the shower

So, I used to get out the shower and my hair would be fuzzy/shrinky. It would take major manipulating for me to see my true texture. Also by day two or three my hair felt super dry. With this (admittedly lengthy) shower routine I come out with bouncy curls that stay soft for days.

Apply product in large sections

I always did sections, but thanks to this shower routine I can apply the product in very large sections. I am able to rake the product through and see my curls instantly react. I start with a curl creme, then use a curl custard, and end with applying homemade oil to my scalp.

For the very top of my hair I will do finger curls to create some uniform definition. I do not do this all over because it would talk years. I used to when my hair was much shorter, but now that’s not an option.

Use Blow Dry Diffuser to Dry Hair

I could let my hair air dry, but that takes forever/the shrinkage is real. So I dry my hair completely with a diffuser. I alternate with the cool and warm setting avoiding the hot setting. When my hair feels about 80 percent dry I’ll start lightly tugging the ends of my hair focusing the “heat” on my roots. This stretches out my hair and also helps avoid tangling down the line.

Finish with a shine oil

I do this everyday, but it’s an essential step of wash day because that is when my hair is at its shiniest. I spray the oil generously all over my head.


If you’re a girl who does not want to be bothered with too many steps and likes a more low maintenance hair routine this might not be the move for you.

What’s your wash n’ go routine?

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