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Adjusting to Social Distancing

I’ll be the first to admit that I did not take Covid-19 seriously. I tend to think people are alarmists. So, when people started hoarding a year’s supply of paper products and food I didn’t follow suit. When there was discussion of the possibility of being in my home for a up to a month I thought it was impossible.

Things got real super quick to say the least. There were three waves for me. The first wave was the work from home “test” that turned into “until further notice”. The second wave was my first attempt at going to the grocery store and seeing most shelves bare. The third wave came after non-essential businesses closed. My typically buzzy neighborhood is now desolate.

Life in isolation

My boyfriend and I live together, so we’re of course isolating together. Keeping in mind that’s it’s only been two weeks, if this was a relationship test we’d be passing with flying colors.

This isn’t a humble brag. It is a surprised admission. Being in isolation with any person non-stop is sure to cause a few little arguments. Turns out when you know you’re stuck with someone until further notice, getting mad over petty things is just not worth it.

During the week I try to “get ready” for work, which for me is a major help. This is simply the act of showering, getting dressed, and doing my skin care routine. It’s not much, but helps set the days apart.

Maintaining this routine is helpful most days, but others it just doesn’t do the trick. There’s something about the uncertainty that really gets to me. I can acknowledge that staying home is necessary to slow the spread, but it doesn’t make not knowing when things will go back to normal any easier.

Every emotion is valid

I feel anxious. I feel scared. I feel angry. I find humor in things. Usually I feel all of these emotions in one day.

I keep reminding myself that everything will be okay. This is a temporary situation and eventually things will go back to normal. This is not how things will be forever.

That being said, we are also all in this current moment. So there’s no need to put on a brave face. Everything will be okay, but that doesn’t mean we have to be okay right now.

There’s no right way to feel in this situation. If you’re choosing to stay positive, that’s great. If you want to complain about it, that’s okay too! If you’re scared, that’s completely understandable. If you’re anxious, that’s to be expected.

Finding the positives

Even though we can’t physically be with our friends and family, we’ve found ways to stay more connected. Probably more connected than we were before everything changed.

We’ve found new ways to continue checking in. Whether it be a group video chat or having a virtual movie night with friends. We’ve been able to stay in touch and not feel totally alone.

What’s next for Lex Loves Couture…

It safe to say that this definitely wasn’t the way we expected to spend our spring. I will be finding ways to stay connected as we adjust to our new normal. Stay tuned!

How are you adjusting to social distancing?

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