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5 Ways to Stay Connected While Social Distancing

One of the hardest parts about social distancing is that we can’t see our friends and family. Spending time solely with your significant other, immediate family, or alone can be quite isolating. Even though we can’t physically be together, there are still ways to stay virtually connected.

Keep the group chats active

We all have our group chats between friends and family. Send that funny or uplifting article. Check in to see how everyone is doing. Talk about things other than Covid-19 on occasion. It’s hard not to and important to keep on our minds, but we have to give ourselves a break every now and then.

Do a workout together

Essentially every fitness influencer and brand has been offering classes on Instagram Live (and if they’re not, they should be). These are free classes at a scheduled time. Coordinate with your friends so that you can all tune in together. After the class you can all discuss the class and how you liked it. Even if you’re not in the same room, knowing you’re doing it with friends helps you remember that you’re not in this alone.

Start a book club

My friends and I actually started a book club pre-quarantine. A person in our group moved out the country and we wanted to stay connected. Who could have known that now it would feel more important than ever?

Grab a few of your bibliophile friends, pick a book, a date, and a time to “meet”. On that day of your meeting, figure out where you’re all meeting virtually. Seeing each other on video (Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, etc) is essential. Also wine, wine is very essential. Happy reading!

Have a movie night

Netflix Party is a great way to have a virtual movie night. It allows you and your friends to watch a movie in synchronization. There’s a chat feature so you’ll all be able to share your thoughts/commentary along the way.

PS- I did a Netflix Party with friends last week and it was so much fun!

Plan a happy hour

Similar to the book club, being able to see each other on video is key for a successful virtual happy hour. It’ll be a chill way to catch up with your friends and take your mind off everything. Make yourself a cocktail, throw on some music, and have some fun!

Let’s all continue to stay home and slow the spread, but let’s also never get disconnected from the people we love.

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