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Opinion: We Wouldn’t Have Been Wearing Spring Clothes Right Now

There are a lot of hard things about not being able to go outside. Not seeing your friends. Not seeing your family. Losing your sanity and sense of normalcy. Not wearing spring clothes should not be one of them. Why? We wouldn’t have been wearing them anyway!

I’ve seen a lot of people (mostly influencers) lamenting about the fact that we can’t wear our spring wardrobes right now. I’m no weather girl, but I have an app on my phone that tells me the spring dresses would be a no go unless you live in a year long warm climate. So, maybe this isn’t a narrative we should be pushing.

We’ve had a few days that have been warm for sure, but most of this quarantine has been pretty chilly. We might have been transitioning into spring, but those open toe shoes you’re sad you can’t wear would have still been in your closet.

Guys, it snowed in Massachusetts over the weekend! We’ve definitely had some nice days in New York City, but we’ve also had quite a few cold and windy days. Not to mention the days with torrential downpour or cloudiness all day long. How would your open toe shoes and spring dresses have faired in that?

Listen, realistically things won’t be “normal” for a while. There will come a time when the weather warms up and we’re still inside. Our spring/summer wardrobe will have a shorter shelf life this year. That’s a fact.

I’m just offering some perspective. That time is not now, fashionistas. These complaints are premature. Maybe when the weather is consistently warm, but right now is too soon.

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