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Getting Dressed is the Only Thing That Keeps Me Sane

If you followed me on Instagram prior to this pandemic you know that I was a person who was rarely dressed down. So much so that I had to buy some casual clothes when this all started. Even though I work in a casual industry, I still made a point of dressing up everyday.

Fashion is one of my qualifiers. In times like these it feels so unimportant and far away, but it is still such a major part of who I am. I tried the sweats and comfy clothes for a few days, but it made me feel more stir crazy than ever. So, I tried a different approach.

I wear jeans most days to the shock and dismay of many. Why? Well, for the same reason that I got dressed up for work when most were super casual. For me.

Even though most days my “outfit” consists of a tee shirt and jeans. I still feel like I put something together. It helps me maintain some semblance of normalcy.

Getting ready was my favorite part of my day before life got crazy. I’d wake up and look forward to pulling an outfit together. I didn’t do it for compliments or attention, but getting dressed helped me seize the day.

I am all for comfort and if being cozy during these insane times is what works best for you, go for it. For me, being intentional about what I wear helps separate the days that tend to meld into one.

So for now, I’ll be putting together my quarantine “outfits” until it is safe and responsible to embrace fashion and the outside world again!

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