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My Mother Is the Best Friend I Don’t Deserve

Whenever something good, bad, or in between happens, the first person I think to call is my mother. Friend trouble. Call Jackie. Boyfriend stuff. Call Jackie. Work stress. Call Jackie.

They say you don’t appreciate your mom until you are older. In my case, that couldn’t be more true. In high school, I was a nightmare wearing Lancôme Juicy Tube lipgloss.

There’s a scene in the movie Lady Bird where the mother and daughter are having a massive argument in the middle of a store. Then all of sudden they see something cute and the fight stops. That was me and my mother.

It’s funny to say now because my mother and I are so similar, but back then I felt like we couldn’t be more different. I found a way to take my mom’s innocent comments and turn it into World War III. I don’t look back on high school fondly for a multitude of reasons, but the biggest being that I sent a lot of undeserved unkindness in my mother’s direction.

It wasn’t until I moved away from home for school that I truly began to appreciate my mom. I’d call her everyday on my way to classes. When I was home for breaks I’d sit with her in the bathroom at night while she would do her skincare routine.

As time has gone on our bond continues to grow. She is without a doubt my best friend. A best friend who shows me unconditional love even though I give her cause not to.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mommy! I love you.

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