8 Things to Do When You Need a Break

I saw something on social media that said “this has been the shortest longest year of my life”. In a way, it’s flying by because days are all melding into one. This year also feels heavy, long, and distressing. Between everything happening in current events and the fact that there is no end in sight to this pandemic. It’s a lot.

For the sake of our mental health we need to take a break sometimes. It’s okay to not be okay, and it’s okay to step out of it for a second. Here’s a few ways to do that.

Call someone

Call, don’t text. Whether you need to talk about how you’re feeling or need to talk about something else to get your mind off things. The most important thing to do in times like these is to stay connected.

Take a walk alone

While staying connected is important, it’s also important to find alone time. Getting outside for a little bit of fresh air and exercise is a great way to free your mind.

Avoid social media

Social media is an amazing tool, but it’s can also be an overwhelming constant reminder of everything going on. Unplug every now and then.

Start a new show

While you’re unplugging, there’s no better time to start a new show (or rewatch one you haven’t seen in a while). We all need an escape every now and then.

Do a home project

There’s probably something in your house that you’ve wanted wanted fix up or redecorate. Take a break and work on that.

Learn a new skill

I’ve seen a lot of people sharing new skills they’ve been picking up in quarantine. So, if there’s something you’ve wanted to learn this is an excellent way to re-focus your energy. This could be knitting, baking, DIY tie-dye, computer skills, etc.

Write in a journal

A journal gives you an outlet for you to express your feelings. Speaking from experience, writing is an amazing form of catharsis. It’s private, so you don’t feel like you need to censor yourself. Let it out.

PS – this blog is kind of like my journal, but I have been considering starting an actual journal for my more personal thoughts.


Meditation is an ideal way to relax your mind which something we all might need right now. To start, try a guided meditation.

What do you do when you need a break?

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