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Update: Back from Hiatus!

It’s ironic that my last post in May was about taking a break because it wasn’t my plan to do it myself. I wrote that post with the full intention of keeping this site going throughout the summer. A lot of things led to me taking a nearly four month hiatus.

I was emotionally drained

As many of us were. Full disclosure, I broke down in tears in a Zoom staff meeting a few days after my last post. Even though I wrote a blog post about how I was feeling, I was still holding in a lot. This blog is an amazing outlet, but obviously it’s not a cure all. A lot of energy also goes into each post that I write and I did not feel like I could muster it.

Instagram felt like a better way to reach people

With so many helpful resources flying around in regards to the pandemic and Black Lives Matter movement, it made the most sense to use that as my main medium. I could have written a blog post, but sharing directly on to my Instagram stories felt like the fastest and most efficient way to get information out. Note, this is still where I will share resources.

I couldn’t talk about fashion

Many people didn’t leave their homes in a real way from March until at least May due to the pandemic. Everyone was proudly living in sweats and athleisure. It felt odd and unnecessary to do a summer trend report.

So, what’s changed?

While life is far from back to normal, people are wearing clothes again. The novelty of comfy clothes has not worn off entirely, but people are interested in fashion again. As we enter a new season, it feels like the perfect time to get back in the swing of things.

What’s to come?

Fashion: I will be giving you all the fall vibes as we officially start the season next week.

Beauty: Fall beauty is a little different this season, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be addressed.

Natural Hair: My hair has flourished in “quarantine”. So, I will sharing my tips and tricks.

Wedding Planning: Oh yeah! During my little hiatus I went from girlfriend to fiancée (more to come on that soon). I will definitely be taking you in that journey.

Thoughts: I’ve always used my blog as way to express my opinions, so why stop now? The last few months and the upcoming election has given me a lot to say.

I’ve missed you, fashionistas!

I am excited to hop back into things. While the time away to reset personally was necessary, I did miss you all! I am refocused and ready to bring you new and helpful content. Stay tuned!

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