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How To Transition to Fall in 2020

We’re wearing actual clothes for fall! I don’t know about you, but I thought the possibility of this might be touch and go at a certain point. With some of us back in the office and the rest of us working remotely (but making weekend plans), a fall transition discussion is must. Let’s dive in!

Don’t put away your denim shorts.

Photo: Cella Jane

If you transition your closet from summer to fall, it make sense to put away most of your summer items. The one thing I would recommend not putting away just yet is denim shorts. You can pair denim shorts with a plethora of fall items from blazers to booties. It’s great way to rock fall style on days that might be a little warmer.

Layer for the transition from cold mornings to warm afternoons/ evenings.

The first sign of fall is a cooler morning. If you’re one of the people who’ve started to go back into the office then you definitely know what I am talking about. Layer a denim jacket over whatever your wearing in the morning. It’s easy to carry or tuck into your purse when the weather warms up during the day. It’s also great to have when you’re doing an all day activity on the weekend like pumpkin or apple picking!

If you’re thinking of wearing a sweater, ask yourself if it is truly sweater weather.

Don’t push it when it comes to sweaters! If you live in the Northeast then you know it could be 50 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees by the evening. Sweaters don’t breathe. Make sure it’s at least under 65 degrees (or whichever temperature best suits you) before you break out the sweater. Remember, you’ll have plenty of time to wear swears.

Embrace blazers.

If you’re back in the office, a blazer is great way to skip outwear at the start of fall. The best part is that you can transition straight from your commute to your desk (after sanitizing) without much settling in. If you’re working remotely this is great way to upgrade your Zoom look.

Blazers aren’t just for the office/work though! Throw on a blazer for your next girls day. It’s the perfect lightweight piece to keep you just warm or cool enough. You can layer a sweater under on cooler days or just a tank when it’s warm.

If you plan to layer with a blazer, my recommendation is to go one size up so that you have options. Ps – I do this with most of my lightweight outwear.

Leather (real or vegan) is completely dependent on temperature

You really need to be sure that it’s leather weather because like sweaters it does not breathe. Whether it’s genuine or vegan, leather on the wrong day will leave you dripping in sweat. This applies to everything from tops, to bottoms, to jackets. Wait until it’s pretty cool out before wearing leather. It’s such a chic fall necessity, but taking note of the forecast is essential.

Booties and boots are a definite yes.

Boots and booties are the perfect way to take a look and instantly make it read as fall. It’s the easiest transition with minimal effort. You also elevate you look by adding a structured shoe.

You don’t need tights (yet).

I don’t know who needs to hear this, but you don’t need tights. You don’t need tights for a while. Probably not until at least late October (probably mid-November). Living in New York you as soon the weather drops below 70 degrees, there’s a chance you’ll see some tights. Instead of tights, try wearing knee high or over-the-knee boots with your dress or skirt.

Wait for truly cold weather before you break out the outerwear.

This is another thing New Yorkers really push. When the weather first changed a couple of weeks ago I saw people in puffers. Everyone is entitled to put whatever they want on their bodies, but it is not puffer weather. It’s not faux fur weather. It’s not wool coat weather. Think light jackets for now (or simply layering).

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How are you transitioning to fall?

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