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Do I Need a Sweater Vest?

In today’s edition of trends I don’t know if I should jump on, we have sweater vests. I’ve seen it on Instagram and while online shopping, but are there ways to wear it without giving off Chandler Bing from Friends vibes? Let’s explore.

Layered over oversized shirt

Photo: Chicmony

Layering a sweater vest over an oversized shirt is a really cute way to pull off the look. It’s very effortless and chic. This is not your grandpa’s sweater vest.

Over a Tee Shirt

A super casual way to do wear a sweater vest is to wear it over a tee. If you’re iffy (like me) this is the easiest route to kick off this trend.

Don’t be afraid of patterns

Dive right into the sweater vest trend with a bold pattern! It will make such a statement.

Embrace the prep

Sweater vests are notoriously preppy. Don’t be afraid to go all in and embrace the prep. Think crisp collared shirt, plaid, and penny loafers.

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Will you be rocking a sweater vest?

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