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4 Ways to Stylishly Conquer Cold Weather Outdoor Dining

I’ve personally been keeping my dining out experiences limited. When I do go out, I prefer to eat outside. Now that the temps have dropped to what can only be described as arctic, that means some style choices need to be made. Here are some tips to help you pull together a look that is both practical and stylish

Your outerwear should be the champion of your look.

The biggest mistake you can make with outdoor dining is trying to plan your outfit around what’s underneath your jacket. This is a lesson I’ve learned from fashion week. Your outerwear has to be your champion. Even though a lot of places have heaters, you have to assume you will still need to keep your coat on. So, build your look around your coat.

Note this does not mean you have to wear a basic outfit under your coat. It just means wear something that will pop and ties that whole look together.

Layer strategically.

A great way to help the look underneath your coat pop is to do strategic layers. This means wearing something that is both stylish and warm. Try layering a blazer, denim jacket, or even a leather jacker over a turtleneck under your coat. Not only will you be warm, but your look will be intentional.

Layering style tips:

  • Make sure to button or zipper up your blazer or jacket for both warmth and polish.
  • Trying belting your blazer to help keep proportions in check.
  • Keep length in mind. Make sure your layer underneath your coat is shorter than your coat.
  • Wear a turtleneck that is a bold color or print for extra zest.

Throw on a chic hat

Hats are another outfit addition that are both practical and stylish. Warmth escapes from your head. Throwing on hat is good way to help avoid that. . Choose a chic hat that could potentially be a conversation starter.

Embrace leather

Fun fact about leather (both real and faux): it seals in the heat. While this is not always ideal when you are indoors with heat pumping, it’s godsend when you’re outside. Leather also has the added benefit of being super luxe. Throwing on a pair a leather pants instead of jeans instantly elevates your look. A leather blazer layered under your coat is great option for that dinner taking place in the evening.

Remember that you’re sitting outside.

You’re probably like, well duh. But I think a lot of people forget they’re sitting outside. They plan a whole cute outfit and don’t think about the fact that that inner layer will likely not be seen. They also assume heaters mean that you can take your coat off. In some cases you can, but in most cases you can’t. So, you must dress for cold weather. Style does not have to be lost though!

Are you braving the cold for outdoor dining?

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