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Terror in the Capitol: This is America

Today, a mob of Trump supporters domestic terrorists descended upon the United States Capitol because the election did not go their way. I would like to say I am completely shocked, but that would be a lie. Donald Trump has spent his entire presidency firing up his base to be loyal to him above all else. So, why would I be shocked that sense and sanity would go flying out the window?

Another reason why I am not surprised? Well, this is America. A country that is literally founded by people who always put up a fight when they do not get their way. Colonialism, slavery, segregation, voting rights, state-mandated lockdowns — just to offer a few examples.

So, when a bunch of angry white people busted into the Capitol building, the only thing that caught me by surprise was the audacity. As a Black person, I know that I would be shot, tear-gassed, arrested, or all of the above if I tried that when Trump won. So, the thought of doing something so wildly dangerous, selfish, and foolish would never cross my mind.

I am angry. Not because this is shocking, but because of the crazy double standard. If this had been a Black Lives Matter protest, we all know the result would have been different and far more tragic. Mind you, Black people were not marching because we didn’t get our way. We were marching because we are dying.

If this election had gone the other way, I would have been so devastated. You know what I would not have done? Scaled the wall of the Capitol building. Stormed into Mitch McConnell’s office and taken a picture. I might have written an angry blog post, but that’s about it.

This is terrorism. This is white privilege. This is America.

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