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Influencers: Learning to Read the Room in Crises

Last year was a rough year for influencers. In the sense that people starting to call them on their crap. While I believe cancel culture tends to take things too far, some people truly deserved to be called out. I am trying to pinpoint if it is selfishness, a lack of self-awareness, vapidness, privilege, a complete inability to read the room, or all of the above. Because news flash no one cares about your skincare routine when domestic terrorists are storming the US Capitol.

I’m telling the truth in 2021. A lot of influencers are completely self-absorbed. Even an attack on our nation leaves them completely unmoved. Talking about a national crisis might mess with aesthetics. There’s always an affiliate link to push.

The funny thing is I am not even asking people to stop sharing regular content. I am just asking influencers to take a moment to acknowledge what is happening in the world outside of Instagram. In between sharing your day-to-day content. Take a pause.

I’ve heard the rebuttal that maybe people are processing, which is fair. I saw a lot of accounts stop posting entirely after the news spread yesterday. Many of those accounts are still dark. Everyone processing trauma and tragedy differently. You are not required to process it on the internet. Even if you in a position of influence

So know that I am not here to shame anyone who has remained silent. It is your prerogative how you express yourself to your followers. The people going on like it’s business-as-usual are either scarily uninformed (and detached from reality) or willfully ignoring what is going on. Both of which are concerning.

Quite frankly, it is heartless. Do better, influencers.

Hope you are all safe and well after yesterday’s events.

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