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How I’m Self-Caring This Weekend

This was a long week. In addition to it being an emotionally taxing week for the country, I had the added layer of a very stressful and intense work week. I am completely exhausted. So, this upcoming weekend is dedicated to self-care.

Sleeping in (or attempting to)

I am an early riser typically (especially on the weekends). This weekend, I hope to allow myself to sleep in. It’s been a long week, I need the rest.

Giving myself a facial

I got a facial steamer for Christmas and have yet to use it! So, I am going to give myself a facial. A thorough one because my skin is definitely feeling the stress and emotions of this past week.

Cleaning/putting away laundry

Being productive can be a form of self-care. Knowing that you’ve completed your chores will allow you to truly relax.

Wedding planning

We’re officially in our wedding year! So it is crunch time. It is hard to reach out to vendors during a busy work week, so this weekend I will be catching up on emails and interviewing a day-of-coordinator! Knowing that I can give it my full attention is great. See the previous point about productivity and self-care

Working out

I have wanted to work out all week, but I was so swamped with work that I couldn’t make it happen. I want to get out some pent-up energy this weekend.

Truly relax

Admittedly, I relax every weekend, but there’s always guilt attached. This weekend I want to truly give myself permission to unwind. We all deserve it after the week we’ve had!

How are you self-caring this weekend?

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