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Why I Switched to Black Surgical Masks

We’ve been wearing masks for almost a year. One of my biggest grievances initially with masks was how they clash with outfits. The long mask-wearing period has allowed for some trial and error.

At the start of things, we were all wearing blue surgical masks. Masks were impossible to find. So, everyone took what they could get. We were not going anywhere except quick runs for essentials. It wasn’t until we started going outside for social reasons that it became apparent that a blue surgical mask starkly competes against any outfit choice.

I tried cloth masks but did not like them in the long run. Cloth masks are harder to breathe in than surgical masks. They’re also impossible to clean (makeup etc). Most importantly, cloth masks are not as effective in protecting against Covid.

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Black surgical masks are the perfect solution to the outfit clashing dilemma. They are subtle enough to match everything. I have yet to encounter an outfit that a black mask didn’t work with.

Even now when my meetups with friends have decreased significantly, I still prefer throwing on a black mask over a blue one. They offer the same level of protection but are less obvious. Well, the least obvious a mask covering half of your face can be.

It’s the smallest change but makes a world of difference! The next time you’re re-upping on masks, considering switching the black. You’ll thank me, I promise!

Alexa Alfonso

What kind of mask are you wearing?

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  1. It’s great to learn that cloth masks are known to be harder to breathe in compared to surgical masks. My wife and I are wanting to prepare for the pandemic and we were wondering what kind of masks we should get. I’ll tell her that surgical masks are better compared to cloth ones.

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