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My 10 Minute (or Less) Zoom Beauty & Style Routine

At the start of working from home, I wanted to get ready every day in real outfits. For a little while, it kept me sane. At a certain point, it became an unpleasant reminder of the fact that I am not going anywhere. So full disclosure, I stopped. I only put the effort in when I have Zoom calls. That’s if you consider the bare minimum to be effort.

Wake up your skin with a facial mist

Assuming that you’ve already done your skincare routine, this step is solely for the sake of refreshing. Facial mists replenish the moisture that your skin may lose throughout the day. It will give you an instant glow. If you’re in back-to-back Zoom meetings, you can reapply a facial mist as needed throughout the day. 

Apply “no makeup” makeup

Being on-screen is very different from meeting in person. A lot of our natural features can read as flat. So, applying some subtle makeup will enhance those features. My “no makeup” makeup consists of browsmascara, and highlighter. I’ll add concealer if I don’t feel rested.

Note, you can do more than the above. I opt for a minimalistic approach these days!

Fluff & style your hair

Do not neglect your hair on Zoom. Hair can cover a multitude of sins. Take a few moments to brush, dry shampoo, etc. Whatever you need to do to have coifed hair. It makes a world of difference.

I usually take my hair out of whatever high ponytail it is in, fluff my afro and spray on a shine mist. If I leave it in a ponytail, I will lay down my baby hairs for some polish.

Throw on statement accessories

To finish off your look, do not be afraid to throw on some statement accessories. These can be bold earrings, a necklace, a headband, or all of the above. People can only see you from the shoulders up. So, make it count!

If leading or speaking in a meeting, put on a dressy blouse or blazer

It is easy to drift in the background if you’re in a meeting that you know you will not be speaking in. So, all of the above is more than enough. If you are presenting in or leading a meeting, consider elevating your look with a blouse or blazer. You do not need to go crazy, but maybe go one step above the previously mentioned minimal effort.

I swear this all takes me 10 minutes or less! What is your Zoom routine?

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