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Lex Loves Weddings: Bridal Party Essentials for Wedding Day Prep

One of the most memorable parts of my wedding day was getting ready with my bridesmaids and my mom. We spent the day together talking and laughing. It was helpful with any prewedding jitters as well as excellent bonding time. Here are few essentials that helped wedding prep go off without a hitch.

Large enough space for everyone to get ready

This probably seems obvious, but is worth mentioning. My hotel did not have a suite available. So, I booked two adjoining rooms for the first two nights of our wedding weekend. This allowed for the bridal party to all be together the day of the wedding.

Bonus: My two maids-of-honor were able to sleep in the second room. So I had company on my the night before the wedding.

Allocated space for hair and makeup

Before everyone spreads out, make sure you have a designated area for both hair and makeup. Make sure that it’s near a table so that they may be able to lay out their tools/products. We had two makeup artists for the day so they took the second room while hair was in my room.

Glam schedule (that is shared in advance)

My wedding coordinator, Tyra, arranged a glam schedule which was a huge help. I shared it with my bridesmaids the week of the wedding. Even though everyone was in the same room, everyone knowing their time slots was helpful with us staying on track. We even were done with hair early!

Bridesmaids Gifts

So, how much you spend on bridesmaid gifts is completely your choice, but not giving a gift at all is not an option. These women have set aside time and money to be a part of your big day. You have to give them something as a thank you.

I gave my bridesmaids a burlap tote that had matching monogram pajamas , personalized water bottles, and cosmetic bags filled with day-of essentials such face masks, oil blotting papers, and makeup remover wipes. In addition, I wrote each bridesmaid a personalized thank you note.

Ps – I swear I took pics of the bridesmaid gifts, but they are nowhere to be found on my camera roll.

Pps- I also got a pajama set for my mom since she got ready with us. Just in a different color!

Breakfast or Lunch

Feeding the talent is essential! It’s a long day and we don’t want any bridesmaids passing out from hunger. I sent my bridesmaids a menu in advance so they could tell me their individual lunch orders. I scheduled the food delivery so that it came at a specific time on the wedding day through Seamless.


Snacks are always a must. It’s good to have something for everyone to nibble on before and after their meals. You don’t need to go overboard with snacks through! Most of my snacks were left untouched.


In addition to making sure everyone is fed, it’s important to make sure that everyone is hydrated. Advice that I should have followed myself. Buy enough water so that everyone can continue to hydrate throughout the day.


It’s a celebration after all! While we don’t want bridesmaids stumbling down the aisle, a little champagne or prosecco should be available. Don’t get too much, but enough for everyone of drinking age to have a glass or two.

Bluetooth Speaker

What’s getting ready without good music?! I brought my Bluetooth speaker down with me and let my bridesmaids be the DJ. Music playing throughout the whole process added to the fun. Especially since it is a lot of sitting around.

Check out some pics of my bridal party below!

This story is a part two of a six part wedding seriesStay tuned for for part three!

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