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Update: We’re Dressing Up Again

I spent the better part of 2020 in loungewear. Since I work from home these days, Mondays- Fridays are still pretty cozy in 2021. When the weekend comes, I dress up. And you all should be doing the same! Dress up. Dress up every chance you get

With outside officially open for business, that means there are plenty of opportunities to show off some chic looks. Fashion took a hiatus last year, but this year is having a major comeback. Here is how you can embrace it!

You are never overdressed.

Do not wear a ballgown to the supermarket, but the phrase overdressed does not exist anymore. Any time you meet friends for drinks, go on a date or go out to dinner – that is a reason to go big. Put on the heels, wear the bold pattern, and go for the sparkle. If you ask yourself, is this too much? Then, you are doing right.

Try a new trend

Challenge yourself. Is there a trend you have been flirting with trying? Try it! Now is not the time to stay within your comfort zone. Fashion is having a moment. With so many trends to choose from, take your pick!

Pick bold pieces while shopping

There’s a good chance that you are set on basics. So, when you’re shopping, lean into bold pieces that make a statement. Bold can be the color, pattern, or silhouette of the piece. Also, note that is all subjective. What’s bold for me might be tame for you or vice versa.

Don’t forget glam!

Glam has been very neglected. It used to be that I didn’t go a single day without doing my hair and makeup. These days, I am more focused on skincare and hair health. This is why when I do go out I always want to bring it in the glam department.

So, do up the eyeshadow, highlight those cheekbones, and throw on some lashes. We’re going out again. Let’s be fabulous while we do it!

Are you dressing up again?

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