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Lex Loves Weddings: Why You Need A Wedding Coordinator

Initially, we only planned to do a day-of-coordinator. After noticing that the cost was not significantly different between month-of and day-of services, we opted to invest in a month-of coordinator. And when I say this decision was a godsend, I am not exaggerating. As previously stated, my only regret is not opting to use a full-service coordinator from start to finish! 

How to find the right one

Okay, so you’ve decided to get a wedding coordinator. Where the heck do you find one? Most wedding websites (The Knot, Wedding Wire, etc) have vendor searches, but I used ThumbTack. I found a few of our wedding vendors on the site.

Once I put out feelers I got quite a few responses from potential wedding coordinators. In the end, I only met with two companies. I did a phone call with one and Zoom with the other.

You must have an actual conversation with every person that you hire for your wedding. Personalities are important! This is especially true for your wedding coordinator. They are your main point of contact on your wedding day.

The first wedding coordinator I met with was on the phone. She was nice enough and answered all of my questions, but it felt very cold. The best way to put it is it felt like I would be on a long roster of couples. I wasn’t sure if this was just the way it feels with a wedding coordinator. So I waited until I met with the second coordinator.

The second coordinator I met with was Tyra White-Williams of Events by Tyra. What felt like a business call with the other coordinator, felt like a chat between friends with Trya. Don’t get me wrong it is a business call. But you should feel a connection as this person is one handling one of the most important days of your life. After giving a couple of days of thought I decided to hire Tyra.

My biggest suggestion in your wedding coordinator search is to be sure to meet with more than one person. Even if it is only two, you have a point of comparison. Whomever you decide not to go with, give them the courtesy of letting them know you went in a different direction.

Services coordinators provide

Every coordinator provides different services, but there is usually crossover. Tyra offered vendor recommendations (hired 2 of her suggestions!), a day-of wedding timeline, vendor coordination, unlimited check-ins, and handled certain wedding details (seating cards, card box, welcome sign, etc).

How coordinators reduce stress

The biggest help to me was Tyra corraling the vendors the month of the wedding. I hired them all, but Tyra handled all of the details in the month leading into the wedding. After seeing what she did with all of the vendors, I know I could not have handled it in the same way.
I am also very type-A when it comes to planning any sort of event. So, can you imagine my wedding? Handing off a wedding can be very scary if you don’t trust the person completely. I felt very safe leaving everything in Tyra’s hands.

Care-free wedding day

Do you know what you get a lot of when planning a wedding? Questions. It’s fine leading into it, but on your wedding day, the only question you should be answering should end with “I do”. Tyra was the liaison between every vendor. She made sure we stuck to the timeline and readjusted when we fell behind. I know she was juggling a lot, but you’d never know it by how gracefully she handled it. I was able to be a bride and just that.

My wedding day wouldn’t have been the same have without Tyra. I am eternally grateful. I highly recommend hiring a wedding coordinator if your budget allows. Hire Event by Tyra if you’re in the DMV area!

Ps – She also coordinated a bubble send-off when I couldn’t figure out what to do. And I am so happy that she did because it was the perfect ending!

This story is a part three of a six part wedding seriesStay tuned for for part four!

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