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#LexLoves10: Ten Years of Lex Loves Couture

Happy new year, fashionistas! With 2022 comes the 10th year of Lex Loves Couture being online. In 2012, I was looking for an outlet to share my love of affordable fashion and beauty. Blogging was a medium that had taken the world by storm, but I wasn’t quite sure if my point of view offered anything.

I took the leap one night and hit publish on my first post. It was a simple piece about outerwear. The next day, the response from my family and friends was spectacular. So amazing that I felt the confidence to keep sharing my thoughts in this tiny corner of the interwebs.

Ten years later, this site has gotten me brand collaborations, trips to Miami for Swim Week, and invites to more fashion shows/events than I can count. Sometimes you need to take a beat and think about how far you have come. And I know the girl who started this blog in her childhood bedroom a decade ago would be very pleased with the woman she has become.

Consistency has always been a struggle of mine. I have a lot of ideas but rarely do they come to fruition. Lex Loves Couture is the only thing that I have kept up. There were definitely times when I wanted to pack it all in, but something motivated me to stay the course. You, my readers.

Whether you’re a friend, a family member, a person from near or far I have yet to meet (I see you, readers from around the world!) – I want to say thank YOU! Every time I have thought maybe it’s time to stop, a kind word has kept me going. Without you and your encouragement, Lex Loves Couture wouldn’t still be here. There are no words for my gratitude.

Here’s to 10 years of Lex Loves Couture! Continue to watch this space for fresh fashion/beauty content and more!

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