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We Need to Talk About Rihanna’s Maternity Style

After much speculation, Rihanna shared that she is expecting a child with rapper A$AP Rocky in the most epic yet nonchalant way. Months were spent thinking of clever ways to hide the bump. The news is out now and the bump has been unleashed. Every look is not only displaying her growing belly but is making it the focal point.

Typical maternity clothing lines mostly hide or subtly emphasize the belly. Rihanna’s approach is the polar opposite, and it is so excitingly refreshing. 

Her looks are an acquired taste. Every outfit is not necessarily a hit, but each has a point of view, which is a true testament to her style.

The best thing about these maternity-style moments is that Rihanna continues to have style moments throughout her pregnancy. Sexy style moments at that.

Maternity style can be an interlude until you have a baby. It can feel like an inconvenience. That is not the case (or does not appear to be) for Rih.

Rihanna has a massive net worth. There is one thing about her style that can translate affordably. She is not wearing maternity clothes. Most of what she is wearing are pieces she can wear after the baby is born.

This is not knocking maternity pieces that have a little extra stretch for comfort but can be a lesson in buying pieces that are not in the maternity section. This way, you continue to invest in your wardrobe throughout the pregnancy.

I love that Rihanna’s bump style celebrates her bump and this beautiful journey to motherhood. Love it or hate it, she’s making a statement. It has given maternity style a new direction for expecting mothers, should they choose to go that route.

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