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What to Wear to a Winter Wedding

I have been to a wedding every season except for during the winter. When we got the date of a family wedding and I saw that it fell in February, I was excited about the challenge. Formal and semi-formal attire in the winter can be tricky, but also creates interesting opportunities. I haven’t honed in on my look just yet, but I figured while I shop I might as well share the mindset I have.

If you have a winter wedding to attend this season, keep reading…

Don’t be afraid to sparkle

The spirit of the holidays and New Year’s Eve tends to carry over into the rest of the winter. So, a wedding during this season is the perfect time to break out the sequins/and or sparkles. If the nuptials fall somewhere in the late afternoon/early evening, going for a little (or a lot) of glitz is totally called for.

Lean into jewel tones

Just because the skies are a little grayer, it does not mean you should be avoiding color. In the winter, jewel tones are particularly fitting. Think sapphire, ruby, amethyst, emerald, and the occasional citrine. This translates to blue, red, purple, green, and yellow, but the shade of the color is very important as these all can easily fall into the spring direction.

Don’t shy away from length

Winter weddings tend to be more formal. Likely, because they usually take place indoors. The setting has a huge influence on the dress code Even if the wedding is not black tie or black tie optional, you can definitely get away with wearing a dress that is midi or maxi length. One major advantage of length is leg coverage and protection from the cold!

Tights are okay

If you opt for a mini dress. That’s totally fine. Wear the tights! With the right styling, black tights are so chic. It is important to ensure that the tights are sheer and not opaque or that will cause an imbalance in your look.

Ps- With winter weather being unpredictable, plan your look with and without tights. You never know when we’re going to have a warm day and you don’t need them.

Pps – This is a personal choice, but my vote is to skip the flesh-tone tights. No matter your complexion, it is so hard to get the right match. The tights usually look too cool or too warm against your skin. You are better off trying to find a dress that does not require tights or pairs well with black tights. Again, completely your choice!

Remember outerwear

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I believe that every look is completed with outerwear. Make sure you pair the right coat with your look. My recommendations are either a luxe longline or a cropped faux fur coat (depending on dress length). If you only care about being glam, frostbite/hypothermia be damned, try a stole.

Up the ante on glam

So you’ve got the full look pulled together, are we missing anything? Yup, and that’s glam. Hair and makeup are the often neglected cousins of an otherwise fabulous look. A bold lip, eye, or updo can take your look to the next level. Here are a couple tips for the perfect glam:

  • Makeup: Balance is key. Do a bold lip with a soft eye (or vice versa). Doing both at the same time could be a bit much.
  • Hair: Pair your hairstyle with your silhouette. Off-the-shoulder dresses can have hair up or down. I usually opt for an updo, but both work. Soft waves look beautiful against a strapless dress. When wearing a long sleeve dress, pick a hairstyle that does not take away from the details of the dress. Do an updo or push your hair off your shoulders. Alternatively, you can wear your hair down with it all pushed to one shoulder. Note, if you have a bob or pixie cut you have more flexibility with hairstyles.

What are you wearing to a winter wedding?

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