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A Fashionista’s Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

As I walked to my bus stop today, I said to myself “It’s not so bad this morning”. I said this as I climbed over the one foot mounds of snow that have accumulated in my neighborhood this winter. My amazing neighbors did not think it was pertinent to shovel all areas of their sidewalks. So, these mounds have officially turned into blocks of ice. The only upside is that maybe one day I will slip and fall and be able to put a little dent in that spectacular private college education I am paying off. I digress though.


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Single Fashionista’s Guide to Surviving Valentine’s Day


In my life, I have had a valentine on Valentine’s Day four times (two of which with the same boyfriend). Is it really all it’s cracked up to be? I personally do not think so.

Heart Box
My first valentine was my high school boyfriend. It was the say “I love you” in two weeks, break up in two months type relationship. Of all my valentines, he is ironically the only one who really got it right. He got me chocolate (Snickers because that is the only type of chocolate I like). Then, he sent me a rose through the rose delivery my high school did every year to benefit some after school club.  Like clockwork in fifth period, I got my rose with a card that read “Happy Valentine’s Day babe! I love you!”.