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Spring 2014 Trend: How to Wear Sneakers


By Tonie Hanson

How did sneakers become ‘THE’ Spring 2014 trend? From last spring’s hidden wedges to this spring’s Adidas Stan Smiths, the must-have shoes are creating fashion waves. How happy does this make me? Extremely. As we saw on the Chanel and Dior Couture runways, these pumped up kicks are being worn with anything and everything.

The mix of texture, embroidery and feminine silhouettes paired with sneakers exudes a free spirit and youthful attitude. I am embracing the trend not only because I work for a sneaker company, but also because the infusion of sport is a great look.

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A Fashionista’s Open Letter to Mother Nature

Dear Mother Nature,

As I walked to my bus stop today, I said to myself “It’s not so bad this morning”. I said this as I climbed over the one foot mounds of snow that have accumulated in my neighborhood this winter. My amazing neighbors did not think it was pertinent to shovel all areas of their sidewalks. So, these mounds have officially turned into blocks of ice. The only upside is that maybe one day I will slip and fall and be able to put a little dent in that spectacular private college education I am paying off. I digress though.


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Lupita Shines in Prada and Reminds Us That Our “Dreams Are Valid”


It may have been the color (self described as Nairobi blue). It could have been the plunging neckline. It may have been the ethereal flowing bodice.  It could have simply been the natural happy glow that exudes off of her. Whatever it was; the Oscar winner for best supporting actress, Lupita Nyong’o, was clearly the biggest winner of the night.

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Defining Your Off Duty Weekend Style

Olivia_Palermo_Casual_StyleAs working girls, we all have that urge really dress down over the weekend. Dressing down does not need to equate to dressing bummy. Your off duty style can be just as fierce and fabulous as your weekday wardrobe. All you need to do is define your weekend style and stick to it. Check out a few looks to give you some off duty inspiration.