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3 Style Resolutions You SHOULD Keep


These style resolutions may be harder than the beauty resolutions. Anything that has to do with changing up your style typically is. Here are the the style resolutions that we all should keep.

Resolution #1- I will try the trends that scare me
While I do consider myself to be a relatively stylish girl, I will be the first to admit that I usually do not try a trend I haven’t seen someone pull off and pull off well first. Why should we let other people be the trendsetters? What makes them so special? Why should we be afraid? The answer: We shouldn’t let them, they’re not so special, and we have no reason to be afraid! Let 2013 be the year you make bold style choices. 

Resolution #2– I will put effort into my outfit every single day
It is hard work to look fabulous on a regular basis. It means planning your outfit the night before or waking up earlier than you usually do. Make a commitment to yourself to make everyday better than the day before. After some time it will become a habit and a thrill to plan out your outfits. You will constantly want to outdo yourself!

Resolution #3I will let go of my fashion crutches 
Every girl has a fashion crutch. It’s that go to look that she thinks best suits her. It can be an overall type of outfit, the fact that you feel naked with a certain amount of accessories, or even be something dated that you are not willing to let go of. Whatever the case may be you should make a resolution to get away from these crutches. These crutches may deter you from trying something new. So while they don’t always need to be gotten rid all together you should know that this crutch is not the only way you look can stylish. Don’t be afraid to change up your day-to-day, it is the sign of a true fashionista.

Any New Year’s resolution will be hard to keep, but I strongly suggest bin addition to joining that gym, or starting that diet, you try these style resolutions. A stylish girl is always a happy girl. Good luck fashionistas!

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